Kastos, small island - unique experience
Korinthian Gulf, one of our carefully designed routes!
Kioni in Ithaca
One of the most attracting harbors in the Ionian. Great sea, great food, amazing landscape.
Underwater fishing
Add your thematic activity!
start of the Ionian Rally
Parga, enjoy the city view after a day in the sea!
Reach spots on the islands on a bicycle where you can not with the boat!
Traditional Ionian festival
Cultural content with all your EY+ excursions!

Green Photo Cruises

 A thematic 10-days trip in the Ionian for environmental photography with photographer Yannis Tzortzis!

Freediving liveaboard 22-29/7

 A freediving trip with the instructor Robert Woltmann from AIDA Germany!

Sailing through Ancient Routes

 A trip through 3000 years of history of the Ionian Sea with visits to famous and lesser known archaeological sites guided by Thomas Dowson!

Freediving adventure

A trip with freediving coaching, exploration and training with the FreediveGreece team in July!